The Center for Women Veterans of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Celebrates Women’s History Month by Announcing a New Partnership with AcademyWomen to Offer Professional Development and Mentorship to Women Veterans.

March 31, 2016 – In honor of Women’s History Month, the Center for Women Veterans has partnered with AcademyWomen to recognize the positive impact women veterans have on our nation. By creating this collaborative partnership, both organizations have teamed up to further empower and equip women veterans to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. AcademyWomen offers all women veterans, especially those transitioning in their lives or careers, free access to online mentorship support from veteran mentors and non-veteran corporate mentors through the award-winning, web-based eMentor Leadership Program. In honor of this new partnership, AcademyWomen will unveil a new custom program serving all military and veteran women—both officers and enlisted, as part of its mentoring portfolio, which already includes custom mentoring for Officer Women, Women Cadets and Midshipmen, as well as the Veteran eMentor and Military Spouse eMentor Programs, serving all transitioning veterans and military spouses.

Many veteran women find themselves daunted by transition to civilian careers due to limited professional networks, a lack of direct experience in particular jobs or industries, service-connected challenges, or strong cultural differences between the military and civilian worlds. Designed to bridge the gap between the organizations seeking hires and this vast pool of talent, the eMentor Program offers a solution of support, trusted networking, and success. In fact, 42% of participating veterans credit the eMentor Program with their success in finding a played a significant role in their finding employment job. Participation is simple: women veterans simply log onto the site, create a profile and can then search for and select a mentor or relevant resources. They can also participate in discussion forums or the Q&A area on the website where all members can interact. Once paired with a mentor, protégés receive guidance and support in job seeking, career transition, career advancement, industry-specific knowledge, and work/life balance from their volunteer mentors. Membership is free to both mentors and protégés.

According to the President of AcademyWomen, Susan Feland, “Having a mentor who can support and guide a fellow sister in arms through challenges is sometimes all that is needed to work through barriers that may limit women from reaching their full potential in either their professional or personal lives. Mentoring provides the boost and support women need to achieve their goals and pursue their dream jobs!”

“We recognize the service and contributions of women veterans and women in the military,” says Betty Moseley, Acting Director, Center for Women Veterans. “This partnership will help better serve our Nation’s women veterans and give them the tools they need to develop employment and professional development skills, which will result in increased leadership opportunities and careers that benefit the Nation’s workforce and address growing needs impacting women veterans at the local, regional and federal levels of the Nation.”

All women veterans are invited to join this powerful community of mentorship. Together we can make a difference for our nation’s women veterans. Sign up as a mentor or protégé, once the program launches April 20th. Visit to learn more and participate.

AcademyWomen is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2003 as a leadership and professional development organization. Visit for more information. AcademyWomen membership and events are open to all who support the organization’s mission. Please direct questions to Erica Hartless at

Contact:  Susan Feland
President and Founder, AcademyWomen