Protégé Spotlight – Mike

Meet Mike, CEO of MJW Lean Consulting, LLC and an Institute of Veteran and Military Family’s (IVMF) Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) graduate. Upon graduation, IVMF gave Mike resources to help him succeed with his entrepreneurial goals, and eMentor was one of them. After enrolling and building his profile, he chose to contact Brandon, a mentor, he hoped could assist him in the growth of his business. “I really needed to understand LinkedIn and he took me, from heading down a dead-end road in the wrong direction, to establishing online credibility.”

After their 6-month connection, the two remain in close contact and Mike still meets with Brandon monthly. When asked what noticeable changes there have been since the culmination of their mentoring partnership, Mike quickly volunteers “increased confidence, not to mention so much gratitude that someone who was a complete stranger 6 months ago, would be so willing to help. As a result of establishing a professional and reputable LinkedIn account, Mike has seen an increase in activity and has a new respect for the power of social media.

Why take time to utilize eMentor? Mike says “with all the unknowns and variables, why would anyone try to do it alone? How much better is the experience and results from allowing someone to come alongside and lend a hand!” We couldn’t agree with you more Mike.

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