Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Accept Reality

Have you accepted the new normal or are you dragging your feet longing for the way things “used to be”?  In this article, originally from The Business Journal, Lauren Munsch Dal Farra, MD, CEO and Cardiologist, Palm Health and Maureen McDonald, Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement, HCA Healthcare/Continental Division share their advice on how to face our challenges with calm acceptance.

The highlights:

  1.  If you are resisting the acceptance of the new normal, you’re causing yourself more stress and negatively affecting your physical health.
  2. Once you accept the change, you regain your ability to control your response to the situation.
  3. Think beyond your immediate discomforts and disappointments to keep everything in perspective.
  4. Revitalize your mentoring relationship by managing your communication plan.
  5. Stay active in your community and listen to voices outside of your normal network or circle of friends.

You can read the entirety of the article here