Become a Partner or Sponsor

Invitation to Become a Friend of eMentor!

In order to best serve the participating veteran or spouse protégés, the Veteran eMentor and Military Spouse eMentor Programs must have very large, diverse pools of volunteer mentors that represent every industry and type of company or organization.  We also need to get the word out to spouses and veteran protégés so that they can take advantage of this fabulous opportunity for mentoring. We therefore need your support in recruiting volunteer mentors and protégés through your employees, membership base or constituency.  Partnering with us simply means that you agree to promote the program to your employees, members or constituency at least quarterly.  In exchange, we will raise the visibility of your organization to all veteran and/or spouse participants and other participating partners by:

  • adding your logo to our homepage
  • adding a listing about your organization to the “Friends” page of our website
  • creating an “organization profile” for your organization on the program website

In addition, your participating employees/members can share information about your organization via “articles” they publish on the site, discussion forum posts, “comments” to protégé questions or even job openings they may list.

Benefits of Friendship with Veteran or Military Spouse eMentor Programs

Your friendship, whether as a partner, sponsor or supporter, with the program and the participation of your members as volunteer mentors holds many benefits for your organization:

  1. Increases awareness among participating veterans and spouses of positions for which your organization seeks military spouses or veterans.
  2. Increases awareness of your brand and services among spouse and veteran eMentor members and among our other partner organizations, not only through your logo placement and listing as a partner, but through volunteer mentors from your organization posting in the site’s Q&A area, discussion forums and articles area.
  3. Participating mentors from your organization increase their understanding of the issues facing military spouses and/or veterans; over time this positively affects your organization’s culture and makes your workplace even more welcoming and friendly to spouse and veteran hires.

For information on other ways to sponsor or partner with an eMentor program, please contact Erica Hartless, eMentor Leadership Director.

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization (#42-1697594).

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.