eMentor Overview

eMentor is an award-winning online mentoring program that connects military personnel, veterans and military spouses for dynamic mentoring experiences that powerfully move them forward in their personal and professional lives.

eMentor consists of multiple mentoring communities designed to meet the specific needs of each cohort and provides an online support network where the military community can connect with one another to share experiences that enhance their personal and professional development.

eMentor is owned and operated by a dedicated team of military veterans and military spouses who are able to serve the unique mentoring needs of the military community.  eMentor has become the largest, most successful mentoring program of its kind and has served over 10,000 participants to date.

Sign up as a Mentor and/or Protégé in eMentor today.  Participation in eMentor is free to members of the military community.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a fundamental human relationship, in which a person invests her or his time, energy and expertise to nurture the growth and ability of another person. At the core of the activity is the relationship between the Mentor and the Protégé, where the development of the Protégé is the key focus.  The development needs satisfied through the relationship can vary in focus from guidance on settling into a new organization, methods to improve performance, strategies to attain greater career success, to navigating various work-life challenges. It is a process wherein the Mentor and Protégé work together to discover and develop the Protégé’s abilities and encourage the Protégé to acquire knowledge and skills when the opportunities and needs arise.