Who can join as a Mentor?

eMentor is open to ALL active, guard and reserve U.S. military service members, veterans and military spouses from ALL service eras. For those who are interested in providing career transition advice and resources, select military friendly organizations are also invited into the program to provide career Mentors who fill a critical need in supplying the industry specific, functional area information and career transition advice some eMentor Protégés seek.

Career Mentors from the private sector are also invited to join.  Career Mentors are business owners and/or leaders from a wide range of industries who fill a critical need in providing the industry specific, functional area information and career transition advice eMentor Protégés seek.

Is there a cost to join eMentor?

Participation in eMentor is free to members of the military community.  For non-military members, please contact for additional details regarding your participation as a Career Mentor.

What are the time commitments and responsibilities of Mentors?

As a Mentor, you will be able to volunteer as your schedule permits from wherever you are — by connecting with members of the military community online, 24/7 — for one-on-one, email and phone-based mentoring relationships. There is no minimum time commitment, but most Mentors engage with their Protégés for an average of 60 – 90 minutes per month.

Mentors must have a willingness and ability to support Protégés with:

  • Providing timely advice and helping them to set and achieve goals.
  • Sharing expertise to increase the success and productivity of Protégés’ personal and professional lives.
  • Supporting Protégés towards achieving their goals by allowing them to reach conclusions at their own pace and not forcefully imposing your views or suggestions.
  • Partnering with Protégés to problem-solve challenges and questions that may arise including performance pitfalls.
  • Offering a non-judgmental, patient and listening ear.
  • Providing thought and guidance on leading through change.
  • Assisting in purposeful networking.
  • Serving as a trusted advisor.
  • Periodically participating in forum discussions to create a sense of community and share valuable lessons learned.

How does the program work?  How will I be matched with my Protégé?

Mentors start by completing an online profile.  Once accepted, your profile will be entered into the system.  From there, Protégés will be able to search for and select from a suggested list of Mentors who best match their mentoring needs. You will be invited by the Protégé into a mentoring relationship and once the invitation is accepted, your mentoring relationship begins.  Communication is primarily online, however, each mentoring pair will determine together what type and frequency of communication is best.  eMentor team members are available for assistance throughout the matching process.

Why become a Mentor?

Mentoring accelerates success. For Protégés, working with a Mentor boosts their success exponentially when a seasoned Mentor provides needed expertise and guidance. If you are an individual who enjoys sharing your experience to help members of the military community fully realize their potential, goals and dreams, please consider becoming a Mentor today.

As a Mentor, you will be able to:

  • Inspire – What makes Mentors effective may very well rest in the ability to inspire their Protégés. By setting an example, you may be able to motivate your Protégé towards future paths that are beyond her/his original dreams. You will be able to challenge your Protégé to find importance in what she/he aspires to do and help her/him to create a future vision for themselves.
  • Share similar experiences – Mentors are not expected to be superwomen or supermen. Most of the time, they are simply people who have already experienced similar situations as their Protégés. By honestly sharing your experiences to include both successes and failures, you can help your Protégé feel more empowered to deal with her/his challenges successfully.
  • Enhance your leadership skills – When you teach someone, you truly become a master of that subject. You not only reinforce valuable leadership lessons, but you also question and refine your own thinking and approaches.  You’ll find yourself working harder to live up to the expectations of your Protégé. You can’t advise her/him to work hard and do things you aren’t willing to do yourself. With the Protégé’s spotlight on you, you’ll push yourself to grow. And as an added bonus, you might learn a thing or two from your Protégé.  Protégés will often (but not always) be younger than you. They are the ones creating the military and workplace trends of tomorrow.  If you watch and listen to your Protégé closely, you’ll almost certainly pick up some information or habits that are new and beneficial to you as well.
  • Help shape the future generation of leaders Mary Duncan didn’t know the little girl in her fourth-grade class would go on to become one of the most famous and successful women in history; but Oprah credits much of her success to afternoons spent being informally Mentored by her teacher.  When you decide to Mentor someone, you have no way of knowing how far the impact of your advice and guidance will go. Whether you shape the career trajectory of the next four-star general, advise the savviest social entrepreneur of our time, or simply help someone achieve her goals, you’ll make a difference–and that makes your time and effort completely worth it.
  • The life you end up changing could be your own – Your decision to become a Mentor will lead to a series of events and opportunities you can’t possibly foresee, to experiences and challenges and rewards you can’t anticipate—but all of them will force you to learn and evolve and, by reminding us about what really matters, become an even better human being.

What resources will be available to me as a Mentor to assist with creating a successful mentoring relationship?

Once you join as a Mentor, eMentor will provide numerous online resources and guides that will assist you in making the most of the eMentor platform, offer tips for effective mentoring, and provide you with the best practices that Mentors can cultivate to maximize the chances of a highly successful, productive mentoring relationship such as: getting acquainted initially, helpful questions to ask your Protégé, goal setting, communication and feedback strategies, networking tips, ways to stay engaged, and proper closure of mentoring relationships.