The Military Women eMentor Program is open to ALL women officers, officers-in-training, service academy cadets or midshipmen, and enlisted personnel whether on active duty, separated, retired from active duty, or reservist/guard in all of the services: U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.  This program ensures that women who have gone through military training have the opportunity to benefit from a mentor who shares this common history, as well as, providing guidance to those who are pending commissioning in our Armed Forces.

Our MilitaryWomen Report

Of the MilitaryWomen protégé’s who joined eMentor:

  • 83% credit eMentor with successfully navigating a leadership challenge
  • 75% credit eMentor with successfully overcoming a personal problem
  • 74% credit eMentor with aiding in a successful transition from active duty to civilian life
  • 71% credit eMentor in helping to plan for and/or achieve a career goal or major milestone


“Great program for both mentors and mentees to connect and share experiences and support each other.  I’ve been a mentor for a few years and have gained as much from the experience as my mentees. We don’t get the best out of life without support from and to each other.”

“I had a few questions about being an officer and [my mentor] did a great job at answering my questions.  It was good to make contact with her and will be valuable in the future.”

“I have mentored several females in the Navy.  I was able to motivate women to stay Navy by reiterating it can be Navy [as a career AND having a family versus] ‘OR’.  I am currently mentoring a Sailor who is trying to plan her pregnancy while still being upwardly mobile.”

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