Mentoring Connections Made


Protégés Obtained New Jobs


Protégés Received Promotions


Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Supported


eMentor is a cutting-edge online mentoring program for military personnel, veterans and military spouses.  eMentor connects individuals for dynamic mentoring experiences that powerfully move them forward in their personal and professional lives.  Designed to bridge the gap between organizations and job seekers, the eMentor Program offers support, trusted networking and success.  Having a mentor who can provide insights into civilian careers and corporate hiring practices removes some of the anxiety of navigating a major life change, such as transitioning from active duty, reentering the civilian workforce or starting your own business.  eMentor puts veterans and military spouses in virtual touch with corporate and career mentors for guidance and support to assist in the specific challenges our Veterans and Military Spouses face today.


Your experience is 100% customizable, from start to finish.  Begin by completing an online profile, identifying needs and strengths.  From there, proteges can search for and select a mentor and the type of mentoring relationship they’d like to have, ie. Long term or short term.  When the mentor accepts the protege’s invitation, the relationship begins.  The mentoring partnership will evolve based on the needs of the protégé.  Within the connection, the pair will work together to establish goals, develop an action plan and measure progress against the stated objectives.

Communication is primarily online, however, each mentoring pair will determine together the frequency and type of communication that is best for their relationship.  Most often, the relationships take place virtually by using either the Program’s messaging tool, email or over the phone (which is highly encouraged).  However, our Program also supports virtual meetings such as Skype or even meeting in person!  The relationship is supported with periodic training emails, newsletters and online training opportunities for mentor and proteges as well as the availability of phone or online coaching on any aspect of mentoring.

Not ready to pair up with someone just yet?  Whether paired or unpaired, mentors and proteges can interact by posting in a discussion forum, answering questions, posting articles or messaging others they are interested in connecting with.  Additionally, ALL users can take advantage of our available resources, exclusive online events hosted by eMentor, job announcements posted by our Partners and available opportunities that are made available to our members.

eMentor Team members are available for assistance to mentors and protégés at any time.


Assessments of the award-winning eMentor Program consistently show profound, positive impacts in the lives of proteges, mentors and their organizations.

Our members report…

  • 90% Successful mentoring relationships
  • 83% Successfully met professional challenges
  • 80% Higher morale
  • 78% Increased self-confidence
  • 74% Successfully transitioned to civilian life
  • 73% Received help with job search
  • 71% More connected with their professional community

“A couple months ago, I landed a position with the Environmental Division here on post, and I firmly believe it’s because of this networking site and the women behind it…”

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