eMentor leverages the internet to create a dynamic information sharing, learning and support community that extends far beyond the veteran and military spouse network.  Protégés can receive personalized career or business development guidance, advice, support and inspiration from more experienced veterans, spouses, career mentors and veteran-friendly employers.  We also invite mentors, with or without a military experience, to join and assist protégés with their job search and other career challenges. 

eMentor was created as a way to increase the number of successful military members, veterans and military spouses from the military community by offering members with easy to use, flexible online mentorship support when no one else could. We are able to connect our members for dynamic, life changing mentoring experiences that powerfully move protégés forward in achieving their personal, professional and business related goals. Membership is free to both mentors and protégés. 

eMentor is open to ALL officers, officers-in-training, and enlisted personnel whether on active duty, separated, retired from active duty, or reservist/guard in all of the services: U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines, as well as all military spouses and widows(ers).  Our program ensures that those who have gone through military training have the opportunity to benefit from a mentor who shares this common history, as well as, providing guidance to those who are pending commissioning or separating from the Armed Forces. 

Our Members Report

      • 93% of small business owners report that their mentor provided expertise to help move their business forward
      • 93% would refer their friends and colleagues to eMentor
      • 92% Matching Rate
      • 87% Member Satisfaction Rating
      • 86% of small business owners report having an increase in entrepreneurial skills
      • 83% of proteges credit eMentor with successfully navigating professional challenges
      • 80% of members have higher morale
      • 75% of proteges credit eMentor with successfully overcoming a personal problem       
      • 74% of proteges credit eMentor with aiding in a successful transition from active duty to civilian life
      • 73% of proteges credit eMentor in receiving job search related assistance
      • 71% of proteges credit eMentor in helping to plan for and/or achieve a career goal or major milestone
      • 71% of members report increased confidence
      • 71% of members report feeling more included and connected within the military community