The Veteran and Military Spouse eMentor Community leverages the internet to create a dynamic information sharing, learning and support community that extends far beyond the veteran and spouse’s current network.  Protégés can receive personalized career guidance, advice, support and inspiration from more experienced veterans, spouses, career mentors and veteran-friendly employers.  We also invite mentors, with or without a military experience, to join and assist protégés with their job search and other career challenges.

The community puts veterans and military spouses in virtual touch with mentors for guidance and support with challenges of all kinds and for assistance finding meaningful employment with longevity and upward mobility.

Of the protégé’s who joined eMentor:

  •         83% credit eMentor with successfully navigated professional challenges
  •         80% credit eMentor with having higher morale
  •         74% credit eMentor with aiding in a successful transition from active duty to civilian life
  •         73% credit eMentor in receiving job search related assistance

How It Works

Mentors and proteges are matched through a state of the art virtual mentoring website.

New Mentors and Proteges complete an online profile, providing background information and interests that help match them to a suitable mentoring partner. Once their profile is complete, proteges can immediately seek a mentor, ask a question, join a discussion forum, review posted resources, and more. When a mentor accepts a protege’s invitation to connect, the pair work together to establish goals, develop an action plan, and measure progress against the stated objectives.

Most relationships take place virtually using either the platform’s messaging tool or via regular email. Mentor pairs may choose to connect on the phone (which is highly encouraged) or meet in person. The relationship is supported with periodic training emails, newsletters, and online training opportunities for mentors and proteges, and the availability of phone or online coaching on any aspect of mentoring.

Whether paired or unpaired, mentors can interact with proteges by posting in a discussion forum, answering proteges’ questions, posting an article, or messaging specific proteges they would like to assist.